Protect and Enjoy Your Investment with Clean Gutters!

Gutter Full of Leaves

Gutter Full of Leaves

We typically don’t think about keeping our gutters clean until there is already a problem. We have recently cleaned out a gutter that had a cactus growing out of it. That is when the customer realized she had a problem. On another house we saw a small tree growing out of the clogged gutter.

Clogged Gutters can cause at least 10 different problems:

1. Staining – Water in the gutter will soak up some of the debris and run over the side of the gutter staining the outside of the gutter and fascia which then need to be repainted.

2. Rotting Wood – Water running over the back side of the gutter can soak into the fascia board causing it to rot.

3. Sagging or Falling Gutters – Water sitting in the gutter causes extra stress on the supports for the gutter which can cause them to sag and eventually fall off.

4. Mold – Mildew will begin to grow when water does not run off or evaporate quickly. It can spread and be difficult to remove.

5. Trenching – Water flowing rapidly over the top of the gutter can pour onto the yard or garden and erode a trench.

6. Over-watering – too much water flowing onto plants that don’t need it can cause plant disease or death to the plants or lawn.

7. Pests – Clogged and wet gutters are a haven for mosquitoes, birds, ants, termites and other unwanted pests to breed and cause lots of problems.

8. Cracks in the Foundation – Too much water soaking into a homes foundation can cause stress through expansion and contraction or freezing.

9. Roof Damage – Water pooling in the gutter can flow up under the shingles soaking and potentially rotting the roof or soaking through and into the home.

10. Ice Dams – Not common here in Texas. Icicles are a sure sign of a problem. The extra weight can cause sagging or falling gutters and a falling icicle can cause serious injury.

Debris removed from Gutter

Debris removed from Gutter

Keep your gutters clean by removing all of the debris after the leaves or other debris fall. That may mean twice a year here in Texas. You can also keep them clean by installing Rain Flow Gutter Protection.

Rain Flow Gutter Protection allows water to flow through but leaves to remain outside.

Rain Flow Gutter Protection allows water to flow through but leaves to remain outside.

Its not complicated to take care of your gutters, but you may not really want to do it yourself. If not, give us a call for a free estimate. 512-926-7000