Are you Concerned for the Safety of people working on your Home?

In our sue happy culture, we should all be concerned about the safety of those working at our houses. we can be held liable for injuries that occur, even if we hire an established company. Always make sure they have liability AND workers compensation insurance. If they don’t have worker’s compensation insurance, you are liable for any injury that might happen.

Ladders are the leading type of equipment used in falls resulting in injury across all industries. Window cleaning typically involves a lot of ladder use.

We do carry liability insurance and we find ways to reduce exposure to falls with the use of innovative products like the water-fed pole pictured below. This equipment, when used properly with good filters, is very effective, is quick, and reduces the chance of injury. Give us a call to learn more.

Cleaning with a waterfed pole is quicker with better results and reduces risk of injury while climbing ladders!

Cleaning with a waterfed pole is quicker with better results and reduces risk of injury while climbing ladders!

Impress Your Neighbors!

It sure does feel good to have a beautiful home and to show it off to the neighbors!

But it takes so much time and effort to get those windows cleaned. And who wants to climb a ladder? Who has the time?

You can be the envy of the neighborhood with windows that Shine when you find the right contractor to really detail the windows and the frames. We can help!

The windows don't look clean if the frames haven't been cleaned as well.

The windows don’t look clean if the frames haven’t been cleaned as well.

Roof Cleaning


Before Roof Cleaning

Before Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning

Our roof was so dirty that I had considered replacing our concrete tile roof. However, 40K was out of the question so I just thought we would have to live with it.

We had our roof cleaned over ten years ago, however, over the years mold and dirt that had accumulated made the roof look awful. To make matters worse, the roof facing the front of the house has a very large surface area that faced the street. It was embarrassing to see the house with this filthy dirty blackish roof. In addition, I was worried about damaging the roofing paper and tiles cracking due to dangerous chemicals and traffic on the roof. Then Sam Terry and his company, Sparkling Clean Window Company took over. Sam explained that they would be using a long pole to minimize traffic on the roof and safe chemicals that would not damage the roofing paper.

To see the roof now, after the cleaning is just amazing. The before and after pictures are stunning. Especially the pictures where half the roof is cleaned and the other half is still dirty. Shocking results. Many people have complemented on the house and roof, some even asked “Did you paint your roof?” No, it is just back to its original color. And when I noticed a few leftover spots, Sam and his crew gladly came back to finish those up. And zero cracked tiles. Seriously, an unbelievable job. Could not recommend them any more!

Sincerely, Andy and Tammy Spooner