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Check out what Stephanie Reece said on Facebook today about our work at her house in North Austin!

“These guys did a great job cleaning the windows of our single story home to prep it for sale. They were quick, thorough, and professional. Cleaned outside, removed screens, and cleaned inside. Wore shoe covers inside and left no trace of having been there other than my sparkling windows. In fact a maid service hired by my realtor commented that it was one of the best window cleanings she’d seen.”

Do you Clean the Sills and Tracks?

Do you window sills look like this?

We recently cleaned the windows on this house in Northwest Hills. I wish I had looked closer at the tracks and sills when I gave the price! All of them were covered with a thick layer of dirt, dust, pollen and other debris. It took a while, but we first brushed all the heavy debris away and then scrubbed and wiped them clean.

Just cleaning the windows is not sufficient. We go beyond the minimum expectation to deliver results to be proud of!

sill after

What can be done about windows that haven’t been cleaned in decades?

Stained and Streaked

I came across this window on a lighthouse while on vacation in Washington. The setting was beautiful, but the window looks horrible and it really mars the view. I would guess that this window hasn’t been cleaned in a couple of decades. This kind of buildup typically doesn’t just wipe off with a little soap and water and elbow grease.

The exterior surface of the glass will likely need to be restored, which may involve polishing. Polishing on old glass like this will remove some of the beautiful innate waviness of antique glass and take away from its character.

Don’t let your windows get like this. Take care of them, enjoy your views and show off your home!

Over the Top Impressed!

Are you concerned about what kind of experience you will get when you hire a contractor to perform work at your house? Of course you are. Listen to your friends and neighbors. We just received the following compliment for work we performed in The Hills, near Lakeway. Thank you, Lauren for your kind words and for trusting us!

“Thank you Sam! I gave your employee a check and he said he would give it to you. I have to say how over the top impressed we are with your workers and company. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It was a great experience!”


We cleaned out these gutters in Manchaca earlier this week.

Gutter was so full it had plants growing in them.

Gutter was so full it had plants growing in them.

These gutters had so much debris in them that plants were starting to grow. Not good at all for the house. The gutters get too heavy and can loosen from the house. Water can pool in the gutters and cause damage to the fascia and roof and potentially run up under the shingles and into the house. Get your gutters cleaned ASAP!

Clean gutters prevent damage to the roof and fascia.

Clean gutters prevent damage to the roof and fascia.

Our customer had this to say after we were complete:

It all looks amazing, thank you!!

Sidney R.

From Embarrassing Entry to Steps to be Proud of – A Great Transformation!

Are you Embarrassed by stone work that is just ugly from algae and dirt? Have you avoiding inviting people over because you don’t want them to see? Are you at a loss for the time or expertise to take care of the problem yourself?

These steps looked horrible when we arrived.

These steps looked horrible when we arrived.

Be Proud of your home and invite your friends over! Transform your entry by soft washing the stonework.

Beautiful Entry Steps!

Beautiful Entry Steps!

Someone had tried pressure washing these white Lueders Limestone steps on a beautiful home in Barton Creek and put several ugly gouges across them. We used our Soft Washing technique to restore the color to the stone. This stone is soft and can be damaged by pressure washing if you don’t know what you are doing. Pressure washing is not near as effective at removing the discoloration as soft washing either. Give us a call to schedule an estimate. 512-926-7000

How do I Clean up Brown Stains on my White Limestone?

Bleach will not remove many brown stains from white limestone.

Bleach will not remove many brown stains from white limestone.

Have you tried cleaning your white limestone and not been able to get rid of the brown, dirty looking stains like this picture? It takes an acid to remove these stains. I highly recommend getting a professional involved. The best chemicals are not readily available at Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware store. Give us a call and we can safely transform your stone work to look like this!

Check out this beautiful white wall!

Check out this beautiful white wall!

We look forward to hearing from you. 512-926-7000