Glass Restoration!

Before Restoration

After Restoration
After Restoration

Do you have hard water staining on your glass shower enclosures or windows around your house?  Have us look at your hard water deposits when we are washing your windows.  Our window cleaners have the skills, tools and chemicals necessary to restore your glass to like new condition.  We also have the ability to remove scratches!  Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate.


Great Review on Yelp!

The three young men who came to clean my windows were very professional, polite and well mannered.  Joseph called earlier and gave me an estimated quote which was very close to my bill.  They did an exceptional job cleaning my windows inside and out.  I highly recommend them for window cleaning and I will use them again in the future.

Shirley W., Round Rock, TX on Yelp!


Excellence.  It is something we all want.  When most prospective customers look for a company to wash their windows they want to get clean windows with minimal hassle for a reasonable cost.  Deep down they want excellence.  But most have gotten used to getting much less than excellence so they don’t really expect it.

At Sparkling Clean Window Company, it is our goal to give our customers Excellence!  We strive to provide unparallelled customer service with outstanding results.

Washing your windows is only a small part of the job.  We have set up an online quoting system so that you can get a price from the comfort of your home without having to make phone call after phone call trying to get someone to answer the phone and come to your house when you can be there to give you a price and then have to schedule another time to have the window washer come back to perform the cleaning.  With our system you can get your price and click to schedule.

Our window cleaners are trained and inspected on their appearance, communication, cleaning methods, safe practices, courtesy, and keeping your home interiors and exteriors in tip top shape before during and after our service.  Our consistency in delivering outstanding results have resulted in a lot of repeat business from customers surprised by Excellence in Window Cleaning.

I hope you will try us out.  Expect the best and give us a review.

A Sparkling Clean Window offers outstanding views!

A Sparkling Clean Window offers outstanding views!