It just does not get better!

I have have done more business with window washers than maybe anyone you know.
I did not expect too much, with Sparkle, they were driving 45 minutes to my old farm house. We have more than 1000 window panes in this old craft mans style two story home.
Well, the returned phone calls were so prompt and professional, that this is the first time I did not get three bids!
I thought, even if I were to get a better price, this is old fashion, conscious service that you do not easily find in the Hill Country anymore.
Am I happy with the work and the results that got with this old house ? Heck, YES !
The window washers were a few minutes early, and all stayed busy until everything was clean.
They cleaned up after themselves , and were so pleasant.
They could not look any different from each other , looks can be deceiving !
They worked so well together? They made scaling the high, tall Windows look easy, which we know they are not !
You got the feeling that the Sparkle window washers enjoy their job, and want to be the best, while pleasing you.
I HIGHLY recommend Sparkle window Washing Company from South Austin. It just does not get better than them . Happy trails !

Joanie A.
Liberty Hill, TX

5.0 star rating on Yelp!