5.0 star rating on Yelp!

I was so impressed by the work that the two gentlemen who came to my apartment did. I was not expecting the level of detail with which they cleaned. I assumed they would soap up the windows and squeegee them off, but they spent several hours carefully removing tiny specks of debris that were really stuck on.

Kaylie R.
Austin, TX

Water-Fed Poles

Water-Fed Pole

Using a water-fed pole to clean exterior windows is a much safer alternative to using a ladder! The worker is able to stand on the ground the entire time. We can also clean the exterior of your home in less time and reduce the amount we charge you for cleaning.

We have been utilizing this technology for 15 years and have the expertise to clean your windows and leave them Sparkling Clean and Spot Free!

The two most important keys to successfully cleaning windows using this method are purifying the water and thoroughly rinsing the windows after scrubbing all of the debris off the glass. We have mastered this technique. Ask us if this technology is right for your home.

Christmas Wish

5.0 star rating on Yelp!

Our children honored my Christmas wish to have our home windows cleaned by paying it forward. The two men who arrived from Sparkling Clean Window Company were very thorough with great attention to detail and customer satisfaction. They spent three hours longer than was estimated to complete the job, replace screens and make sure we were satisfied with their work. I highly recommend this company for all residential and commercial window cleaning jobs! Check out their expanded cleaning services for power washing and gutter cleaning.

Leonette T.
Austin, TX