Deck Cleaning

We just finished cleaning a painted deck in the Rollingwood, West Lake Hills area. The painted area under the upstairs deck had soot from the grill as well as mold and dirt accumulating for years. We quickly got it clean and ready for a new paint job!



Sold the House!

We just received some excellent feedback on the cleaning we performed on a house in Circle C! This comes from our customer just two days after we cleaned the house, “We received a very good offer on the house within hours of hitting MLS yesterday. Must be those clean windows! Thank you again.”

Pressure Washing

Do you have ugly looking stains on the side or your house, dirty looking walkways or driveway?

Have us clean them up with pressure washing. We can clean your windows at the same time and have your whole house looking Sparkling Clean!

Look at how white the stones lining the sidewalk look.

Look at how white the stones lining the sidewalk look.

Look at that Roof!

Does your roof look bad?

It might not be just dirty. Lots of things end up growing there and slowly deteriorating the tiles or shingles. We can fix that! Check out what we can did for this customer and then call us to find out what we can do for you:

Ugly Spanish Tile Roof

Beautifully Restored Roof Tiles

Put the Shine On!

Your lights won’t shine very bright if they are dirty! Check out these before and after pictures on this light fixture:

Foggy light fixture

Clean Light Fixture

This house on Long Canyon in the Bell Mountain neighborhood looks great!

Look at those Gutters!

It is hard to believe that this is the same gutter. Our customer was ecstatic and all her visitors asked if she had new gutters installed.

Gutter with Ugly Streaks

Gutter looks new!

If you are selling your home, you want it to look great! Give us a call and we can help you out.

We did this work on a beautiful home on Long Canyon in the Bell Mountain neighborhood that is going on the market this week. Your home needs to look great to sell quickly!

Sell Your Home!

If you want to get your house sold quickly, you want it to look great! There are a lot of nice homes on the market and we have booked cleanings on several of them in the next few weeks. Make your home stand out above the rest by giving it the Sparkling Clean touch. Don’t just clean the windows. Give us a call for a quote to get the following services performed so that you don’t end up looking like an also ran compared to the other homes we clean:

Window Cleaning and Cleaning the Tracks
Pressure Washing
Soft Washing your stone and other soft surfaces
Gutter Clean Out
Gutter Brightening
Light Fixture Cleaning
Deck Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Clean the Screens, but stack them in the garage or attic so the home looks brighter

Homes Sell Faster when they Shine!

Homes Sell Faster when they Shine!